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Wheat Flea Beetle

Limited to Northwestern Colorado, little is known of this pest.

Wheat Flea Beetle Wheat Flea Beetle

Differentiating Onion Thrips and
Western Flower Thrips

How to determine the difference between Onion Thrips and Western Flower Thrips.
Onion Thrips or Western Flower Thrips (shtml)
Onion Thrips or Western Flower Thrips (pdf)
Onion Thrips (left) Western Flower Thrips (right)
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Alfalfa Crown Borer

This nearly unknown insect has damaged alfalfa fields in the Tri River Area in the past few years. It was widespread in 2006, and present ina few Mesa dn Delta County fields since then. It has been identified as a form of Clover rot curculio with an abnormal feding behavior.

Alfalfa Crown Borer (shtml) Alfalfa Borer

Roundup Ready Pollen Movement

We conducted a study in 2006 to determine the role of alkali bees play in moving Roundup Ready pollen from alfalfa seed production fields in Mesa County. Pollen movement took place, but honey and leaf cutter bees played a greater role than alkali bees.

Movement of Roundup Ready® Alfalfa Pollen (pdf) Map of Fruita Alfalfa Fields

Spider Mite Control in Seed Alfalfa 2007

Using Acramite to control two spotted spider mites in seed alfalfa.
Spider Mite Trial, Seed Alfalfa, 2007 (pdf)
Spider Mite Trial, Seed Alfalfa, 2007 (shtml)

Management of High Plains Disease in Western Colorado Sweet Corn

High Plains Disease is viral disease recently found in corn, wheat and related grasses. Wheat curl mite is responsible for the transmission of this virus.
TRA Article on High Plains Disease in Sweet Corn (shtml)

TRA Article on High Plains Disease in Sweet Corn (pdf)
Sweet Corn with High Plians Disease

Nuclear Polyhedrosis Virus for Corn Earworm Control in Sweet Corn

We conducted an aerial trial using Gemstar, and nuclear polyhedrosis virus to control corn earworm in sweet corn. Results were promising, with some control equal to commonly used pyrethroid insecticides.
Gemstar for Corn Earworm Control (pdf) Aerial Application

Sap Beetle Biology and Control in Sweet Corn

Research was conducted in 2004 to investigate the biology and control of sap beetles in western Colorado sweet corn. The report outlines the findings of this research.

Sap Beetle in Sweet Corn (pdf) Adult Sap Beetle on Kernal of Corn

Spider Mite Trial, 2007

A comparison among Oberon, Onager, and Comite for control of spider mites in field corn.
Gowan Report, Spider Mites, 2007 (pdf)
Gowan Report, Spider Mites, 2007 (shtml)
Onion Variety Tolerance to Thrips Feeding, 2001 Ot.tolerance.2001 (pdf) Harvesting Onions
Onion & Western Flower Thrips Insecticide Trials, 2001 Thrips.insecticide.2001 (pdf)
Onion Thrips Research, 2002 - Non-Crop Host Plants, Insecticide Trials, Variety Tolerance Fruita.onion.2003 (pdf)
Onion Thrips Insecticide Trials, 2003 Fruita.onion.2003.insecticide (pdf)
Onion Thrips Insecticide Trial, 2004 Onion Trial 2004 (pdf)
IR-4 Foliar Insecticide Trial, Onion Thrips, 2005 IR-4 Onion Trial 2005 (pdf)
Regent Seed Treatment Trial, Onion Thrips, 2006 Regent Onion Trial 2006 (pdf)
Foliar Onion Thrips Insecticide Trial, 2006 Foliar Onion Trial 2006 (pdf)
IR-4 Seed Treatment Trial, Onion Thrips, 2007 IR-4 Onion Trial 2007 (pdf)

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