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Insect & Other Causes of Dermatitis

There are many causes of rashes and other skin ailments that are often blamed on insects. This excellent publication looks at many common causes of skin problems of unknown origin.

KY ENT 58 pdf  

Hobo Spider

This is a guide to the identification or misidentification of Hobo spiders. They are present in Utah, but quite rare in western Colorado. I have not yet seen a specimen from western Colorado. At least one specimen has been reported from Garfield County.

How to Identify (or Misidentify) the Hobo Spider pdf


Bedbugs are not uncommon in western Colorado. Increased travel and movement of people and furniture is responsible, in part, for their resurgence. These extension publications give an excellent overview of bedbug control.

Batbugs and Bedbugs-CSU Fact Sheet 5.574

Batbugs and Bedbugs #2-CSU Fact Sheet (pdf)

Bedbugs-University of Kentucky (shtml)



There are two species of scorpions commonly found in the Grand Junction area. Either can inflict a painflul sting, but neither is deadly. They commonly enter homes. This Colorado extension publication gives an overview of scorpion biology and control.

Scorpions of Colorado

European Paper Wasp

The European paper wasp, Polistes dominulus, has become established throughout western Colorado. It's open celled nests can be found on houses and structures, in concealed places, and in many hidden sites. The wasps can inflict a painful sting when they are disturbed. This TRA publication describes their biology and control.

TRA European Paper Wasp (shtml)

TRA European Paper Wasp (pdf)

CSU PlantTalk link

CSU Fact Sheet

CSU Fact Sheet (pdf)

Rocky Mountain Wood Tick

Lots of ticks are being brought into the Extension Office for identification. RMWT is the most commonly encountered tick in wildland situations. Please see the CSU Fact Sheet about Colorado Ticks and Tick-Borne Diseases.

CSU Extension Fact Sheet

CSU Extension Fact Sheet (pdf)

Rocky Mountain Wood Tick

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