2011 Tri River Area Pest Management Workshop


Tuesday AM Februrary 15, 2011
Laws & Regulation I
CDA Update
David Gordon
Use of Pesticides/Public Safety
Understanding Pesticide Fate for the Protection of Water Resources
Dr. Jeffery Jenkins
Oregon State University
Environmental Protection
Pollution Discharge Permits
Dirk Helder
Laws & Regulations II
Pollution Discharge Permits
Dr. Gary Beers
CO Dept. Public Health & Environment
Pesticides & Their Families
Herbicide Mode of Action
Dr. Scott Nissen
Colorado State University
Applicator Safety
Dressing for Success
Thia Walker
Colorado State University

Tuesday PM-Agriculture
101 Ag Insects
Field Crop Entomology
Dr. Frank Peairs
Colorado State University
102 Ag Diseases
Onion & Bean Diseases
Dr. Howard Schwartz
Colorado State University
103 Ag Weeds
Ag Herbicide Update

Dr. Scott Nissen
Colorado State University

108 Aquatic
Weed Control In & On Irrigation Canals
Kevin Gallagher
Van Diest Supply

Tuesday PM-Turf & Ornamental

206 Turf I
Turf Diseases

Dr. Curtis Swift
TRA Extension

206 Turf II
Turf Insect Management
Dr. Whitney Cranshaw
Colorado State University
207 Ornamental I
Tree Injections
Dr. David Cox
207 Ornamental II
Tree & Shrub Insects
Dr. Whitney Cranshaw
Colorado State University

Wednesday AM
106 Forest
CO Forest Bark Beetle Update
Tom Eager
US Forest Service
107 Rangeland
Weed Management With Livestock
Jay Davison
Nevada Extension
109 Industrial & Right-of-way
Gas & Oil Weed Control
Tom Girard

110 Public Health
Mosquito Annoyance Potential

Zane McCallister
Grand River Mosquito Control

Wednesday AM-Residential & Commercial
301 Wood Destroying Organisms
Borates for WDO Control
Scott LaFave
Nisus Corp.
302 Outdoor Vertebrate
Vertebrate Control Challenges
Dick Hane
304 Residential & Commercial I
Springtails & Booklice
Forrest St. Aubin
304 Residential & Commercial II
Controlling Bed Bugs
Forrest St. Aubin

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