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2012 Tri River Area

Pest Management


February 21-22, 2012

Two Rivers Convention Center

159 Main St, Grand Junction CO

Power Point Presentations
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Tuesday AM, Feb. 21
Core Categories

Applicator Safety First Aid for Accidental Exposure Fidel Garcia
Professional EMS Eductaion

Public Safety Chemical Sensitivities Dr. Jim Gerdes

Environmental Protection Minimizing Conflicts with Beekeepers

Bob Hammon
CSU Extension

Pesticides & Their Families Use of Pesticides Behaviorally Based Evaluation of Insecticides

Starker Wright
Kearneysville, WV

Laws & Regulations I Record Keeping Thia Walker

Laws & Regulations II L & R Update David Gordon
CO Dept. Ag.


Tuesday PM, Feb. 21
Ag Session

103 Ag Weeds Resistance Management
Alan Helm
CSU Extension

101 Ag Insects Agricultural Grasshoppers
Dr. Alex Latchininsky
Univ. of Wyoming

102 Ag Diseases

Disease Control in
Western Colorado Crops

Bruce Bosley
CSU Extension

108 Aquatic Aquatic Chemical Reclamation
Sherman Hebein
Tuesday PM, Feb. 21
Turf & Ornamental Session

206 Turf I Turf Diseases
Dr. Curtis Swift
CSU Extension

207 Ornamental I
Vertebrate Pest of Trees
David Leatherman

206 Turf II Turf Weeds Dr. Curtis Swift

207 Ornamental II Insects and Diseases of Urban Forests David Leatherman


Wednesday AM, Feb. 22
Natural Resources Session

307 Interior Pest Control Interior Plant Pests Carol O'Meara
CSU Extension

107 Rangeland Pest Control Rangeland Grasshoppers Dr. Alex Latchininsky
Univ. of Wyoming

106 Forest Pest Control Colorado Forest Insect Update Roy Mask

109 Industrial & Right-Of-Way ROW Weed Control Alan Helm
CSU Extension
Wednesday AM, Feb. 22
Residential & Commercial Session

304 Residential & Commercial I Intro to Fly Management Dr. Justin Talley
Oklahoma State University

304 Residential & Commercial II Residential/Commercial Fly Management

Dr. Justin Talley
OK State Univ.

110 Public Health Pest Control Public Health Fly Management Dr. Justin Talley
OK State Univ.

105 Livestock Pest Control Livestock Fly Management Dr. Justin Talley
OK State Univ.

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