2013 Tri River Area
Pest Management Workshop

Core Categories
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Environmental Protection
Pesticide Disposal

Eldon Pemberton & Hope Petrie
Mesa County Waste Management

Applicator Safety/Public Safety
Applicator Job Safety

Dr. Stuart Mitchell
PestWest Environmental

Pesticides & Their Families/ Use of Pesticides
Mixing Pesticides

Thia Walker
CSU-Ft. Collins

Laws & Regulations I
NPDES Update

John Nieland

Laws & Regulations II
Laws & Regs Update

David Gordon

108 Aquatic
Forecasting the 2013 Colorado Water Year

Joe Ramey/Aldis Strautins
National Weather Service-Grand Junction

Agriculture Session

Turf & Ornamental Session

103 Ag Weeds
Using Roundup Ready Alfalfa

Dr. Ralph Whitesides
USU-Logan, UT

207 Ornamental I
Street Tree Inventory

Kamie Long
Colo. St Forest Service-GJ

104 Seed Treatment
Seed Treatments and Bees

Dr. Iain Kelly
Bayer CropScience

206 Turf I
Weed Control in Turf

Kevin Gallagher
Van Deist Supply-Ft. Collins

101 Ag Insects
Corn Bt Trait Failures

Dr. Frank Peairs
CSU-Ft. Collins

207 Ornamental II
Woody Plant Insects

Dr. Whitney Cranshaw
CSU-Ft. Collins

102 Ag Diseases
Managing Tomato Viruses

Bob Hammon
TRA Extension-GJ

206 Turf II
Turfgrass Growth & Development

Susan Rose
TRA Extension—GJ

Natural Resources


302 Outdoor Vertebrate
Managing Ag & Urban Vertebrate Pests

Dr. Terry Messmer
USU-Logan, UT

303 Fumigation/
305 Stored Commodities
Quarantine Treatments with Methyl-bromide

Dan Ayers

106 Forest  Pest Control
Forest Health Updates

Bill Ciesla
Forest Health Management International-Ft. Collins

304 Residential/Commercial II
Advanced Flying Insect Control

Dr. Stuart Mitchell
PestWest Environmental

109 Industrial & Right-of-Way
Environmental Effects on ROW Weed Control

Kevin Gallagher
Van Deist Supply-Ft. Collins

304 Residential/Commercial I
Stinging Insects

Dr. Whitney Cranshaw
CSU-Ft. Collins

107 Rangeland  Pest Control
Biocontrol of Rangeland Weeds

Dr. Dan Bean

110 Public Health Pest Control
Mosquito Biology and Behavior

Zane McCallister
Grand River Mosquito
Control District

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