WCPMW 2016

Montrose Pavilion Center

1800 Pavilion Dr. Montrose, CO

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Wednesday, AM Feb. 17

Core Categories


Laws & Regulations I & II
Laws & Regs Update

David Gordon

    Pesticides and Their Families
Dr. Gary Puterka

    Environmental Protection/
Applicator Safety
Glyphosate Safety

Dr. Todd Gaines

CSU Extension-Ft. Collins

    Use of Pesticides/
Public Safety
Choosing the Correct Nozzles
Thia Walker
CSU-Ft. Collins

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Wednesday PM, Feb. 17

Ag Session


108 Aquatic

Water Legal Update

Dr. Perry Cabot

CSU Extension-Ft. Collins


101 Ag Insects

RWA Biotypes

Dr. Gary Puterka



102 Ag Diseases

Field Crop Diseases

Dr. Kirk Broders

CSU Extension-Ft. Collins


103 Ag Weeds

Winter Annual Grasses

Panel Discussion
Bob Hammon
CSU Extension-GJ
Dr. George Beck
CSU Extension-Ft. Collins
Will Hutchins
Delta Farmer

Turf & Ornamental Session


206 Turf I

Weed Management

Matt Sousek

University of Nebraska-Lincoln


206 Turf II

Turf & Trees

Dr. Alison O'Connor

CSU Extension-Larimer


207 Ornamental I

Birds In Urban Forests

David Leatherman

Ft. Collins


207 Ornamental II

Ornamental Disease Management

Dr. Jane Stewart

CSU Extension-Ft. Collins

Thursday AM, Feb. 18

Natural Resources Session


109 IROW

IROW Herbicides

Dr. George Beck

CSU Extension-Ft. Collins


106 Forest

Insect Issues In Western Colorado

Dr. Dan West



107 Rangeland

Sagebrush Vegetation Management


Priority Weeds of Western Colorado



Retta Breugger

CSU Extension-GJ

Ron Mabry

Weed & Pest Coordinator-Ouray & San Miguel Counties


302 Outdoor Vertebrate

Managing Big Game Damage

Doug Dean

CSU Extension-GJ

Residential/Commercial Session


304 Residential & Commercial I

Biting & Stinging Insects

Dr. Whitney Cranshaw

CSU Extension-Ft. Collins


304 Residential & Commercial II

Fly Control

Pat Copps

Orkin Pacific


110 Public Health

Zoonotic Insects

Dr. Leah Colton


111 Research & Demonstration

Demonstration Projects

John Rizza

CSU Extension-GJ

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